Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pinstripe outfit

And this is the other outfit that I roped my father into taking photos of for me. I have mentioned this one before in my post about the corset. But I have finally completed the whole outfit. Originally I decided on the whole set because I saw a photo of a similar outfit. I thought it was a fabulous combination so I set out to do something for myself. Though, now I think about it, the original was quite different. The only similarities are that I used black lace over flesh colour on the corset and I chose pinstripe fabric for the skirt and jacket.

But on to how I put it all together. The fishtail skirt is from a Vogue pattern that I loved and picked up cheap. I used this last year as a natural form Victorian skirt on our ACG train ride. It’s not really true to the time, but it was something that I wanted to complete when the occasion arose. It is basically two skirts sewn together at the waist. The bottom one has a built in train so that it trails along the floor nicely after me. And the top skirt is about knee length and gathers up at the back with two ribbons. Giving a bit of emphasis to the arse area. Thankfully I have enough of a booty to fill it out without needing an extra padding.

The bolero jacket was the next piece that I put together. It is from a jacket pattern that I had stashed away somewhere. I had previously made the jacket out of satin shantung, but it just looked terrible and was uncomfortable. Plus I was not really happy with how the lining was sitting. This time it turned out so well. I used polycotton for the lining. Mostly for comforts sake as well as ease when sewing. I also added some piping along the edges of the jacket and sleeve. And I changed the sewing a bit when I put it together. The instructions direct you to basically make two complete jackets (lining and exterior) and sew them together. I found this really awkward and hard to follow the last time I made it. So this time, I instead added the sleeves on last. Sewing the bodice lining to the bodice and the sleeve lining to the sleeve and then adding the sleeve in last. This did give me a little bit more bulk at the sleeve head, but I actually really like the shape and it complements my broad shoulders nicely. It’s not really as neat on the inside, in that you can see the sleeve seam, but really when do you see the sleeve seam when it is worn? The only other addition I made was that I added 3 large fabric covered hook and eyes down the front to hold the jacket closed when worn.

And the final piece to complete the outfit was the corset. But I have already mentioned that, and all the cursing and swearing that went with it. So while I love how the black lace looks over the nude background, I will never do it again. The lacey stuff is a curse to sew with. The only other thing I noticed is that I may need to adjust my corset pattern. In that it closes a bit too close at the centre back lacing. Either that or sew some bigger seams. And I am thinking that maybe I need to nip it in at the waist a bit more so that it gives me a bit more of a Victorian cinched waist look. I don’t think the pattern has enough allowance for my hips and ribs in comparison to my waist. But that should not be too hard to adjust. As it is, I already have my next corset cut out. This one also has a bit of an outfit that goes with it too. I just need to get stuck in and make it.

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