Monday, July 9, 2018

GC Supanova

Once again, April saw Supanova return to the Gold Coast. Due to my crazy study / work commitments, I could only attend the con for one day – so I chose to make the trip down on Saturday. Things were a bit stressful at the time, so I didn’t exactly have the motivation or timing to make a completely new cosplay to wear, but I did want something new instead of just bringing out an old costume.

Thankfully, what I did have time for was finally finishing the Steampunk Belle costume that I started making two years ago. Everything was cut out, parts had already been made, I just had to finish it. The costume is based on artwok by Amy Mebberson. And while Belle is not my most favourite of Disney Princesses, I did fall in love with this design. I had originally started the costume to wear to a Steampunk event, but when my plans to attend fell through, I just put the costume aside and moved on. With my current intention to make some dents in my fabric stash, what better thing to do than finally complete the costume?!

As a re-enactor, I already had the undergarments ready to go – chemise, drawers, socks, boots, stays and bustle frame. I had previously made the dickey, hat, underskirt and partly sewn the apron overskirt. Unfortunately some hideous weight gain meant that the apron did not fit my current measurements. I pulled off the waistband, added an extension and re-pleated the fabric to fit. Then came the Jacket. It’s cut from a small piece of silk velvet from my stash. Unfortunately there was no more left so I had to make do with what was cut. I stitched up with tiny seams and thankfully it fit! I was incredibly pleased. So it was simply a matter of completing the bodice sewing, finishing the edges with silk bias binding, adding boning and closures. It all came together in a remarkably short amount of time. And after some wig styling and last minute prop shopping, I was able to debut Steampunk Belle at Supanova.

And the wonderful Paul took some fabulous photos of my costume. I’m pretty sure that nobody recognised who I was supposed to be (the nature of artwork costumes), but I love how it turned out and I look forward to bring able to wear it again. Maybe to a steampunk event.

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