Sunday, July 3, 2016

Art Nouveau Tea

Back in May. (I know! Where does the time go?!) I attended an Art Nouveau tea with my fellow Queensland ACG members. It was a simple event where we all turned up in our Art Nouveau gear and descended on the Shingle Inn café at Brisbane City Hall. The café was installed a few years ago when City Hall was refurbished (it was sinking into the mud) and it is the original café from the 1930s re-installed. It’s been done quite beautifully, and while not as old as our costumes, it still provided a lovely backdrop for tea and cakes.

And for the occasion, I decided to wear my Art Nouveau Merida again (of course, I didn't actually get any photos of myself other than a selfie). I put so much work into the costume that it was great to be able to wear it again, and I thought it appropriate as the artwork the that costume is from is based on original artwork designs from the Art Nouveau period. Plus, doesn’t everyone love Disney?!

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  1. What a lovely idea and how pretty you all look! I'll need to find a cafe for such extravagant outings here in Germany...