Sunday, July 24, 2016

History Alive - Regency

History Alive. It’s the focus for so many Queensland costumers who have joined in with the fun of re-enactment. I myself am one such costumer. I’m a member of RIFF (Re-enacting Independently for Fun). So this year, I will show you around the RIFF encampment and what we do at History Alive.

History Alive is a timeline event that showcases many different periods from the re-enactment community across Queensland. As an open period group, RIFF portrays a number of different eras. This year we tackled two different times over the two days of the event. 

First off, we started with the Regency period. (1795—1825). We are set up for the day with a number of tents and a shade shelter. We start out our day with a breakfast buffet at 10am (as would be done in the period). After we’ve assuaged our hunger, we settle in for the day with some genteel pursuits—games, sewing, sketching, reading and promenading. It makes for quite the relaxing day.

And once the public head off for the afternoon, the re-enactors relax for the evening - to a lovely sunset. Stay tuned for day two when we jump forward a 100 years in time...

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