Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lock her up!

It was a busy weekend. On Saturday, I attended a group photoshoot at the Boggo Road Gaol in Brisbane. Built back in the 1900s, the gaol is now inactive and set up as a tourist spot and a great location for cosplay photoshoots. While I don't have many appropriate costumes for the location, I do have my latest Steampunk - The Black Widow. It was a great afternoon and interesting to see the site, though I do wish I had taken my camera as well, but there is always a next time.

 Above Photos curtesy of Pandom Images 

Above Photo curtesy of James Niland

Above Photo curtesy of Hard Knocks Cosplay


  1. So Fab! Loved the red back! Your dress looks wonderful, I'd love to see it all up close, hope it's as amazing to wear as it looks.

    1. Ah thanks! The red back is a take on the red back spider - a sneaky little Australian nod in there. The dress is amazing to wear too, because it's made of taffeta and a heavy poly satin, it rustles when I walk. I love it!