Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Earlier this month, I attended an event with a few members of the Australian Costumers Guild - a castaway picnic. While only a few of us where able to attend, we made the most of it and trekked out to the beach at Bribie Island, about an hour drive from my place. And how more appropriate could it be to dress as pirates and visit the beach? We all slopped on the sunscreen and put up our beach umbrellas to sit and have lunch before hunting in the shallows for seashells.

For the occasion, I wore my Tia Dalma costume and am very thankful to the wonderful Kerry for snapping some photos of me before I retried the costume. And while I am sad to see the end of my costume, I am excited to work on a new pirate outfit in the not too distant future.


  1. Yohoho, a pirate's life for you! Although I understand that you might tire of The Goddess of the Sea, but I love it and would like to see more of it!

    1. Thanks. Unfortunately I made the costume a good 5 years ago now and it doesn't really fit me properly anymore. I have worn it quite a lot over the years, and after it was all wet and sandy from taking my photos it ended up in the rubbish bin. It was fun to be Tia Dalma, but I have been looking into making one of Elizabeth Swan's costumes. Now I have a really good excuse.