Monday, May 11, 2015

Bustling up my Mum

I've been a little ill of late so I haven't quite kept up to date with my posting. Earlier this month I was intending to attend a historical event at Brisbane's Newstead House. I've spent the last few months working on a new costume each for both my mother and myself. And while I did manage to get them finished despite the illness, I was too sick to be able to lace into my stays to attend the event. I did however get my mum dressed and ready to attend in her new outfit, so I took some photos out the back before she left. 

 It's quite a simple bustle put together from patterns based on Truly Victorian ones. And the fabric of choice is linen - which will be lovely to wear in the warmer months that we get so many of in Queensland. The skirt, I had made before so it was a simple matter of cutting it out and making up. It's a simple straight 1870s underskirt trimmed with a pleated band sewn on with light blue velvet ribbon. It also has a couple of bows sewn to the front purely because that was what was left of the ribbon.

The polonaise is again linen and lined with linen to maintain it's cool wearing. This one, I did have to draft up and mock up before I could make just to double check before cutting the lovely printed linen. It is trimmed in a cotton/poly blend tassel furnishing trim along with the blue velvet ribbon.

To finish the ensemble I made her a white silk reticule and added 5 tassels from the trim (all that I had left). And I whipped up a hat based on a Lynne McMasters Pattern. It's made of buckram, and wire then covered with a mull layer and white silk dupion. I trimmed it with the blue velvet ribbon, paper flowers, velvet leaves and a little foam and feathers bird.

 I am really pleased with how the whole ensemble came out and my mum loves it, so it's a huge win. And quite frankly, it's about time I made it up, I've had the fabric sitting in my cupboard for a couple of years with the promise of making it up for her. I guess I just needed an event to sew for.

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