Thursday, August 21, 2014

Picnicing in Regency

Last Wednesday was a public holiday in Brisbane for the Ekka (The Royal Brisbane Show). It's horribly expensive for entry and then everything within is expensive as well, so it's not something that I like to attend (would much rather save my pennies for a convention). At any rate, the Australian Costumers Guild in Brisbane decided to organise a Regency picnic for the day instead. It was a little unfortunate for a few people who were unable to attend. My mum included as she works outside of Brisbane City and had to work.

At any rate, I did have a lovely time with the ladies that did attend. We set up our picnic under a shady tree at the Sherwood Forest Park in the western suburbs of Brisbane. It's not a park that I have ever been to before, so I was surprised by the size. We had a view of the Brisbane River running by our site. We filled in the afternoon with some traditional pastimes. Tea and sandwiches accompanied by chatting and socialising. And to top it off we played a few rounds of graces and battledores, both traditional Regency games.
I decided to whip out my white 1790s dress and blue open robe for the occasion. I topped it all off with my hedgehog wig and a fabric strip style turban with feathers. I was really pleased to get the opportunity to wear a regency ensemble again. Though, it may be one of the last wears for my white gown, it is starting to show its age with a few tears in the fabric and a mud stained hem.

I think that we may have to continue the Regency picnic idea next year as well. It was a lovely occasion. And maybe next time, we will pick a weekend so that those who had to work can attend as well.

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