Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Disco Fever Time

Last weekend I attend the birthday party for a good friend of mine. She had decided to host a 70s party. Complete with cocktail food, disco lights and a juke box. There were some amazing outfits dragged out from a full safari suit, a builder, disco girls, hippie girls and some of the tackiest pieces that we could all find.

The cocktail food was fabulous, and included both cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. Strawberries dipped in chocolate was my favourite choice of the evening.

As for my outfit, I whipped up a shorts jumpsuit that I had cutout in my sewing cupboard. It's a modern pattern but very much in the style of some 70s outfits. I topped it all off with some massive platform shoes, belt, big hoop earrings and the piece de resistance - a curly afro wig. The wig really threw a couple of my friends - they didn't recognise me. I loved it! And I had a real blast. I kinda want to dress up in 70s disco more often.

And thanks to the lovely ainead for some of the photos. 

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  1. ahhhh disco! love the transforming power of a wig :)