Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Three Hose

On Sunday I attended the annual Abbey Medieval Festival with my re-enactment group RIFF. We again attended as a group of 15th Century fabric and clothing merchants under the banner "The Three Hose". My group was there for the entire weekend, however I only had costume enough to attend one day. As it is, I was unable to wear my flat front kirtle as it seems to have shrunk in my wardrobe. Thankfully my Burgundian robe is loose fitting and my earlier period kirtle still fit. I got to wear my horned headdress again, and this time I remembered to bring along my hemmed veil. I also bought a lovely 15th Century style necklace to finish off my ensemble. 

It was quite the relaxing day. We were set up and ready for when the public arrived, before lining up for the opening parade ceremony. I stayed busy for the day by practicing my finger looping (a medieval method for creating lacing cords). I only know the one design (a 5 loop design), but at least it is pretty and in the end I end up with a pretty lacing cord that is actually useful for my costumes and stands the test of time. As for out encampment...

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