Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ScFi the night away

On Saturday night, I hosted a SciFi Trivia Night for the Australian Costumers Guild at my place. I had prepared a number of rounds each one with a different theme (time travel, alien encounters, robots, music and general knowledge). Each participant brought along a plate of food to share, so we had quite the range of goodies, though we did end up with three different sorts of sausage rolls *face palm*. At any rate, I think we all had a pretty good time, and my winners loved their "space gun" prizes. 

For the occasion, I had decided to remake my Padme Packing gown. This particular costume was one that I had made as one of my very first character costumes. It had been done in about 2 days and it wasn't fantastic. Over the years I had tried to make it again a bit better but was never completely happy with it. That combined with the fact that I had found better photos of how the original was constructed prompted me to have another crack at it, and this time I am so happy with it. The only existing pieces I used was the embroidered panel (about the third one I have done overall) and the small pieces of jewellery I already had (though I would like to make some adjustments, I just ran out of time). I also used my existing Victorian corset for the foundation undergarment and one of my historical petticoats for skirt pouf. 
All in all though, I love how it turned out. Keep an eye out in the next week and I will put up a post about all the layers that go into it, but for now, the event photos. Unfortunately I was feeling a little off, so I have pinched my cousin's photos to share a few. I loaned my Stargate Uniform to my Dad for the night and my mum got some pieces from my Princess Leia Endor Trooper. 

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