Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vampires out on the town

My last event of the year - New Year's Eve.

I spent another New Year's Eve with a group of friends heading to Dracula's on the Gold Coast. We hired a limo for transportation so that we would all be able to get our drink on and not worry about driving or parking.
Dracula's is a vampire theme dinner theatre that provides a very risque show. This year, the show was titled Sin and Tonic. It was fantastic. I had a blast, and ate and drank some very delicious things. For dinner we were served up an entree of mini quiche, for main, I chose Pork Belly and for dessert we were served chocolate mousse in a chocolate coffin. I tried a few different beverages, a delicious cocktail called Manga Madness, a Haemoglobin cocktail served in a blood bag and a number of jelly shots served in giant syringes.

For the evening, I decided that I would make a new outfit. A lot of people that attend Draculas just dress in quite casual clothing, however my group puts in some effort and dresses up in a bit of theme.
I chose to got with a Georgian theme this year. I used a beautiful roll of teal silk taffeta in my stash to put together a skirt and open robe, trimmed with black lace and large buttons. I also added ribbons and buttons at the back to polonaise the gown up so that it would not be dragging on the ground for the evening. I topped it all off with some inspired makeup and a lavender bouffant wig topped with big white flowers.
I love how it turned out and look forward to a new opportunity to wear it all again next year.

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