Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Room Changes #2

And the move process has finally been completed. My sewing room is back in action. It's just a shame that I am too sick to use it. Because, my wonderful father passed on his illness to me - the chicken pox. I never had it as a child, so when my dad got it, I had the vaccine. It's meant that I have had a much lesser case that hasn't made me as ill, but it is still taking it's toll.

At any rate, I managed to help my Dad get my sewing room complete last weekend. We patched and painted the walls, moved furniture, hung curtains and put up shelves. I am really pleased with how it looks and I think I have a much better set up than previously. It's worked really well.

It also gave me the opportunity to sort through my fabric supply. And in doing so, I refolded everything neatly to fit into the cupboard properly (in other words, without pushing the doors out) and took an inventory of it all. That way, in the future, I can check my list for what I have. It also helped me find some pieces to use in some of my projects this year. (More on that later).

I also took a tally which put me at approximately 660 metres of fabric.

It really knocks home that I need to use my stash more. And I must admit that I love having such a tidy and organised stash.


  1. Hooray for a list of stash! Your new setup looks great :)

    1. You were my inspiration for stash list! I've wanted to put one together for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity. Now I can get cracking on some of my sewing for the year. There's nothing I like more than a clean and tidy space to start a new project.

    2. I nearly lost mine - it wasn't backed up on my 'puter and the USB was in the handbag I left on the bus. First thing I did was save it into dropbox!