Thursday, January 16, 2014


And the sewing plans for 2014 have begun. Thankfully, my first big event at this point isn’t until April. When, hopefully, the weather will start to cool to a point where it is comfortable enough to wear a costume. And that event, is Gold Coast Supanova.

My current “rule” for cons is no more than one new costume. Otherwise I find myself stressing in the lead up trying to get too much done in such a short timeframe and I am unable to put in the level of work that I would really like. Plus, it makes me re-wear some of my other character costumes which would otherwise just sit in the cupboard. And I am all for re-wearing. If I have put in all that work, I like to get a bit more out of it than just one wear. And while I haven’t quite settled on my other two costumes that I will be re-wearing, I have chosen my new one and collected the bits.

This time, I am going for one from TV, the show Once Upon A Time. I had originally planned to make Maleficent (who appears in an episode in season one) and had started collecting fabrics. However, a blogger that I follow recently posted photos of the original costume on display and it is a completely different colour than in the screencaps I was using ie, purples instead of red tones. So, I have decided instead to make Tinkerbell (who appears in the most recent season).

I’m terribly sorry if you haven’t seen it yet, and I give away any spoilers. But basically, there are two different outfits for Tink. Her fairy outfit and her Neverland outfit. I am going with the fairy one (pictured). I re-watched a few episodes, pulled up a bunch of photos and went shopping last weekend for supplies. Thankfully, I am able to use the same wig that I purchased for Maleficent, so I can save myself some angst over that.
It was a long list of supplies
- green lycra
- gold lycra
- elastic (STASH)
- gold cord (STASH)
- fabric dye
- heavy lining lycra (STASH)
- acrylic paint (STASH)
- lace
- sequins
- beads
- organza
- wire (STASH)
- sculpy
- spray paint (STASH)
- buckram (STASH)

Thankfully, I have some stuff already in my stash, so I feel happy about at least putting a dent in it (one of my goals this year). I’m also on the hunt for some appropriate boots and will have to pick up a couple pairs of sheer to waist stockings to wear. But all in all, I am really happy with my choice and excited to get started on it once my sewing room is back in action.

Cross fingers that I remember to take progress photos. If I do enough, I may even be able to toss together another tutorial.

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