Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Six Months Ahead

Since I started working full time again, I have discovered a distinct lack of energy of an evening. So much so that I really don’t get a whole lot done during the week anymore. I suppose it doesn’t help that I have been sick, but I really need to get into the motivation thing and start cracking on some work. With that in mind, I thought it was high time for my six monthly planning post. I warn you, there is a whole lot coming up and a good amount of it, I need to be sewing for.

3rd – 4th Steamfest (the first Steampunk convention – attending with EDAS)
Rewear – Steampunk Safari outifts

10th Storia Vivente (14th / 15th Century immersion weekend)
Sewing – Smock
Rewear – Red Kirtle, Blue Cotehardie (Late 14th Century)

18th Alice In Wonderland High Tea
Sewing – White Rabbit Suit

25th Regency Strawberry Picking
Rewear - 1795 white gown and red open robe

31st ACG Ball
Sewing – Historical Disney Princess - Ariel
Back-up Plan – Charlotte LeBouf (Princess and the Frog)

7th Bloodlust Ball (Gothic / Vampire event)
Rewear – Steampunk Geisha

21st Gangsters Ball
Sewing – 1930s grey satin gown

22nd My Birthday Party
Sewing – I have invitations, decorations and an outfit to make. Lots to do and soon.

5th Wedding
Sewing – 1950s taffeta gown

12th Marburg Festival

8th – 10th Supanova Brisbane
Rewear – I Dream Of Jeannie, Sansa Stark (and fix up belt)
Sewing – Lord Varys (Game of Thrones) for my Brother, Margery Tyrell (Game of Thrones)

30th RIFF Christmas Party
Rewear – Minoan Gown

ACG Christmas Party
Sewing – 1920s summer frock

There’s a whole lot of planned sewing going on there, so I will need to get cracking ASAP. The main one I need to focus on is my ACG Ball costume – The Historical Disney Princess, Ariel. I am planning to enter the parade, but what I do will depend on me getting my costume completed. At least I have a backup plan. So far, the patterns have arrived and I have all of my materials, trims, wig. The best part is that I am using a roll of fabric from my stash for the bulk of the costume. So this week, I am starting the pattern drafting. Then I simply need to mock it up, make any adjustments and then get onto the real thing. The part that worries me the most is the trimming detail that I am planning to put into the gown. Handsewing will be plentiful.

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