Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Halloween in July

Then came Saturday night. I attended a Halloween in July themed Birthday Party. I didn’t make anything new, but I did have to narrow down my decisions of what I would wear. Obviously, I wanted to wear one of my character costumes, but which one. I eliminated all of the summery ones first given that the part was scheduled for a wintery Brisbane evening. The next step was to take out the big ones that would take up too much room as the party was to be held at a rather small townhouse. I ummed and ahhed over which one to wear, but it wasn’t until Saturday afternoon that I finally made the decision- Mrs Lovett. I had completely forgotten that I had the costume as it hadn’t been worn for years and was packed away in a box. My only dilemma was that when I previously wore the costume, I styled my own hair, which is now short, white and pink and completely unsuitable for the costume. I ended up using my Georigan Hedgehog wig, by tamping down the curls with a heap of pins and pushing it into shape, I was able to get what I wanted. Best of all, it will all bounce back into shape for me the next time I want to do Georgian.
The party itself was pretty incredible. The Birthday Boy had gone to a lot of decorating trouble and the whole house was decked out with blood spatter, murals and props. I particularly liked the fridge decoration. He also had a smoke machine and at one point so much was pouring out the back door, the place looked rather conspicuous. There were many other fantastic costumes out for the night, as well as a good deal of skimpy ones (not my forte, but works for some).
I was glad to re-wear my Mrs Lovett. It has been too long and I really do like the costume. It’s an obscure one and is rarely recognised, but I still love it.

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