Monday, March 18, 2013

The Way We Wear

The vintage events just keep on coming. Last Friday saw me attending the Way We Wear Vintage Fashion Fair at Mount Gravatt with a group of my girl friends. It's a chain of vintage fairs that run all around Australia. I haven't been to this one in Queensland before, but I have been to the Adelaide one a couple of years ago. I was a little disappointed with it, even though I bought a few really neat items. There were a smaller number of stalls than a lot of the other fairs that I attend, but a good number that I see at many of the fairs. Unfortunately there are a couple stores that are horribly overpriced and a heck of a lot of "80s does 1940s" style dresses. That being said, I bought an original 1960s dress that fit me (a miracle in itself), a rain bonnet, a couple of patterns, a belt and a sheepskin hat that I just could not resist.
One thing that I did enjoy was the small exhibition of reproduction Marilyn Monroe dresses. It was lovely to see some of them up close. I adored the grey suit that was worn in one of her films.

More shopping...
 We were also able to break up the shopping with tea in the instant cafe that was set up in one of the rooms. They had an incredible selection of teacups that made me incredibly jealous. There are a couple that I would love to own myself.
For the occasion, I wore one of the new dresses that I have been working on. This one is made of a hibiscus print rayon in pink tones on white. I love the fabric to wear, but am not happy with the pattern. It's from one of the modern vogue ones and because of the way the bodice is cut the waist ends up being on a bias and stretched horribly when i was sewing it. I ended up taking the dress in 4 inches and yet it is still too big. But it is very cool to wear, and I adore the colours. You may have also noticed the change in my haircolour. Yes this is new. I spent a few days bleaching the hell out of my dark brown side to get it to match the other. It didn't work too well, so I used a pink manic panic dye that I had in my draw to do something that would look good. The biggest letdown is the fact that my hair on that side is now completely destroyed. It's incredibly dry and a heck of a lot broke off in the process. I am now trying to get some life back into it with coats of conditioner. But it's only hair, so it will grow back.


  1. you look gorgeous,, and it's a shame about your hair. As you say though it's hair and will regrow.

    I've found the local version of these fairs to be disappointing too. The Adelaide one is wonderful

  2. Yeah, I do love the colour of my hair, I just wish that more of it had survived. It I was really happy that my hair, nails, makeup and dress matched in colour. :D