Friday, September 28, 2012

M Time

It has been something of a week. This time last week, I was madly baking to prepare for my Birthday party. This time, I had chosen an 'M' theme. So I spent a couple of days before hand making up all my m theme food, and finishing the last of my costumes off. The evening came around and everything was ready to go. The bunting was strung - yes, I was insane enough to make my own bunting, balloons were in place and an assortment of food on the table. We had macarons, melting moments, mexican dip, macadamia crusted chicken, meatballs, money bag, marble cheesecake, chocolate mousse, malteasers, milky ways, m&m's and my minnie mouse theme cake.

As for the costumes, there was a wide assortment, and I was amazed at what everyone came up with. As for my family, my Dad was dressed as the Mad Hatter, my mum was Mother Nature in a brand new regency dress that I made for her, my brother was a my little pony - again, I styled his wig and tail and made his wings and ears. And I was dressed as Mio from one of my favourite Anime's K-ON!.

It was a fantastic birthday and I am so glad that so many of my friends could make it along.

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