Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gaslight Night

It was an incredibly busy weekend. And it all started on Thursday night. One of my fellow costumers and good friends found out about the "Gaslight Night" in Ipswich to be held on Thursday evening. By Wednesday, four of us had decided to attend. The event was to be a Steampunk / Victorian themed evening where the main drag of Ipswich opened up it's doors for the evening and the vintage cars would be on display. There were some there as old as the 1900s, which had us all drooling over them. All the vintage stores had their doors opened, there were market type stalls selling Steampunk wares and various cafes and shops open. It was a magnificent event and I was amazed by the number of cars on display as well as the number of costumers all decked out in Steampunk.

I chose to wear my safari ensemble again. I made a couple of changes - a blonde wig, different socks. But since I have not yet had the chance to make a gun, I pulled out my whip from the zorro costume I did many moons ago and popped it on with a belt. It is my satisfaction until I can get my gun made. The thing that really surprised me was when I whipped off my corset for the hour and a half drive home and discovered that my shorts actually fit better without the corset. I think in future I will forgo the corset with this outfit - it will be a heck of a lot more comfortable for it too...

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