Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well, I am back and able to spill the details now. For the last few months, I have been working on a group project for the ACG Annual Ball (last weekend). Our intention was for an entry into the parade competition. So what we were doing...

Our group was called canquatro and we were going for modern themed interpretations of cancan dancers. There were four of us. My cousin Cherie as The Clockwork Doll (a steampunk inspired ensemble), Wendy as Amaranth (a 1980s goth inspired outfit), Tracey as Sakura (a geisha inspired outfit) and myself as Madame du Pompadour (Georgian inspired). The main reason for the surprise was for our act. Unfortunately, I haven't got a copy of the video, but we had 90 seconds, of which we each had a piece of music to dance to of 20 seconds. This is where everyone was thinking (what on earth are they all doing on stage together - absolutely nothing in common). The final 10 seconds was cancan music where we pick up our skirts and show what links us all together. And by the cheer as we shuffled across the stage, it worked a charm.
As for my costume, I hunted around online for ages trying to come up with my final design, looking at costume stereotypes as well as pulling from my historical knowledge pool. I had tossed around a few other ideas as well in the months leading up to actually beginning. I ended up basing the entire ensemble around my yellow and pink stripe silk open robe that I made last year - with a lot of additions. I have a purple ruffled petticoat underskirt that has 8 ruffles, which is then buttoned to my outerskirt - which is made of taffeta and features a full ruffle with velvet ribbon trimmings, silk ribbon bows and cameos. Both of these are a 8 gore skirt that is a full circle and look fantastic when spinning. Under it all, I had on my Georgian stays, hot pink bloomers with bows and candy, stripped stockings and my American Duchess shoes with ribbon and cookie bling. The open robe got a make-over with lace, fabric ruchings, silk ribbon and flowers. I am actually really happy with how the open robe came up and I know that I will be able to use it in the future, cause it is all completely historically suitable. I also had a few themed rings and some decorated false nails, but the piece de resistance was the wig.
It was made from my white queen wig (which I no longer need) and a pink wig. I stitched the pink into the white to give it a bit more colour and panache. I had to build the wig height onto a frame so that I would be able to support the wooden ship that I had purchased and blinged out. I am incredibly pleased with how the wig turned out and while I had every intention of taking progress shots, I was so focused on getting it done, that I just didn't. (sorry) I finished the entire look off with modern colourful makeup - to help lead away from the overly historical image. We were after all, trying to be anti-historical.
And below are some of the other amazing costumes that were on show for the night.
Believe it or not, I have already decided what I want to do for the ball next year.

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