Thursday, August 30, 2012

But there's more...

So, what is next? I have been so quiet lately on my journal and blog because of the secret cancan project, that it is a wonder to actually have stuff to post about. The rest of the year looks set to be a full one. And it all begins this weekend:

Saturday 1st September - Regency Ball
Going to pull out my 1823 pink and black ballgown again. I would really like a new regency ballgown but this year it is just not feasible. It's a good thing that I really like the one that I do have.

Friday 7th September - Vintage Fashion Fair
Haven't really planned what I am wearing, but I have quite a few pieces that I can choose from - including the couple of halter dresses that I finished recently.

Saturday 15th September - Gangsters Ball
Dress is made. I managed to get my ACG ball costume ready a day earlier than planned, so I had an extra day of sewing, and knocked over the 1950s dress that I am planning to wear. Now I am just waiting for the new sequin shoes to arrive. I thought it all deserved a bit of bling.

Saturday 22nd September - My Birthday
I'm planning a party again, with an M theme, so I am making a couple of costumes for it. My mum is going to be Mother Nature, so I have bought some deep green fabric to make a dress. It will be a regency one so that she is able to wear it again. I am making a couple of accessories for my brother but he has sworn me to secrecy, and as for myself, I am planning to dress as Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I do need to hit the fabric shop this weekend so that I can make a start on my costume. I have yet to even draft the pattern, but I do have some leave coming up, so I am not too worried.

Saturday 29th September - Victorian Picnic
My plan is to finish the half started 1870s bustle from last year. I had done all the patterns and mock up, it's cut out and the underskirt is even made. I just need to get cracking on it and finish it. I am using a lovely roll of red/yellow/brown tartan cotton linen and accenting it with red linen and silk. It's a piece I bought a while ago. I had originally seen the fabric for $7.95 / metre and decided that was a bit expensive. The next time I went to the store it was on the $1.99 rack. Needless to say, I bought a bit.

Saturday 6th October - Animania
I haven't been for a few years, but I am planning to check out Animania again this year. I suspect I will be wearing my Madoka costume, but I could be persuaded to wear Saber Lion. I guess it will really depend on the temperature. Saber Lion is made of polar fleece, so while I am cuddly in it, it is extremely warm.

Saturday 13th October - Festival

The ACG have been invited to add atmosphere to a festival (I pimped us out during the Steampunk safari I ran earlier this year). I am thinking the tartan bustle, but I could easily pull out something else. I certainly have plenty to choose from.

Saturday 20th October - Portrait of Spain Exhibition
At the local art gallery, I am organising another trip to view the new exhibition which is apparently amazing. We are dressing in Georgian and Regency, so I am planning to dig out my green jacket and skirt set. I do need to make a new hat for this though, as my previous one met with an unfortunate mud incident at History Alive earlier this year - I was so annoyed, I kinda squished it, so, need a new one.

Then comes supanova in November. I am only planning the one new costume - Lottie from Disney's The Princess and The Frog. I bought the pink taffeta for the dress down in Adelaide on the weekend, so I am determined that it will be ready to wear. I just have to decide on my patterns and draft them up. Not sure what I am getting myself into there - seems like a lot. @__@

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