Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sydney Supanova

And that brings me up to last weekend. On Friday, my brother and I flew down to Sydney so that we could attend Supanova. Friday itself was terrible. We arrive at the airport with enough time to check in our bags (costumes, so need full luggage). Once we pick up our tickets, the man at the counter tells us that our flight is delayed from 4.15 to 5.00. 45 minutes - I can handle that. Things went downhill from there. Our flight didn't leave Brisbane until 6.30pm. Which meant that we were really late getting to Sydney - and we just made it to Supanova before the doors closed, as it is we had to beg to get our wristbands so that we wouldn't have to line up on Saturday. Then, to top it off, we though we would grab maccas for a very late dinner - and they are closed because apparently they have run out of food. What a load of rubbish - they were up and selling the next morning. So I stopped off at Cold Rock Ice Creamery instead. Then to top it all off, I was sharing a room with my brother who snores like a freight train - I barely got 4 hours of sleep.

Saturday dawned. Raining. I dressed in my costume for the day - Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and helped my brother with his new costume that I had whipped up for him - Uncle Fester, from the Addams Family. And we made our way over to the doors into the convention. It was packed. I had a fantastic time though, spending time with my Sydney-side friends, attending talks and the general awesomeness that goes on at a con. My favourite purchase of the day was a stuffed toy of Sebastian. We finished off the evening with a group dinner at a local steak joint - the food was fabulous but there was just soooo much.

Come Sunday, the skies were blue. It was a beautiful day, and I was dressed as Saber Lion from Fate Stay Night. And this time, I was actually recognised in my costume - it doesn't happen much as it is a rather obscure costume. I even found a classic Saber to have my photo with. I got a couple of autographs - one from Jennifer Hale who is the voice of Leah in Diablo 3 (among many other games and cartoons), and shopped some more. By the end of the day, my suitcase was full, and my wallet was empty as we made our way to the train station.

All in all though, I had an amazing time at Syd-nova and would totally be interested in going again next year. But that will depend on how the plans go for another trip to Japan. One thing is for certain though, I certainly won't be sharing a room with my brother. Sunday night, back in my own bed, with no snoring to hear, I slept like the dead.

And some of the other amazing costumes on show...

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  1. Hello dear :D
    I really like your blog, and I'm totally stunned by your sewing skills! Your historic outfits are so pretty, especially the edwarian ones.
    And you got a SG cosplay *A*

    btw, I'm the one who bought your btssb parfait op :)