Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vintage Fashion Fair - October

It's been a while since I last updated, but the only excuse I have is that I picked up a nasty head cold and have spent most of the last week in bed asleep, so there is a bit to catch up on. I will start with last Friday evening (the 29th). My cousin and I attended the Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair at Ascot. They run these things about four times a year, and with this one being the last for 2010, I thought it might be nice to attend. We also decided to try our luck at the Fashion competition where participants have the opportunity to win spending money for the Fair. When they listed Victorian among the vintage styles that they were looking for, we decided it would be a lovely time for us to wear our bustle gowns again.

We stood around for about an hour waiting for them to run the show (yes they were late) but it was made worthwhile when we took out first prize. We got $200 worth of vouchers to spend at the fair. It's strange, normally you would see so many things that you could buy and have to restrain. When you have a $100 that you know you are allowed to spend, it is not that easy. But I managed to snag some amazing finds - namely hats, and beautiful vintage ones at that. Now I will have to find some fabric and dig through my patterns to make matching dresses, and make up events that I can wear them to.

My haul:

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