Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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What a terribly slack little costumer I have been. Nothing really new to date, as I really have not had any upcoming costume projects to really inspire me. Plus the fact that I think I managed to burn myself out with the amount of complete costumes that I have put together this year. I have on the other hand, still been sewing and have put together a couple of light and cool cotton dresses and skirts in preparation for the summer ahead.

In other news though, I have a new project that I am now working on that has me completely inspired and gung ho. For the last couple of years, I have attended Proclamation Day at Newstead House in December. This is basically celebrating when Queensland was signed over to become its own state in the 1850s. This year, I am making a new crinoline outfit. In particular, I am making it out of some lovely purple and yellow tartan silk that I picked up on sale. My intention is that as the event starts at 6pm (twilight-ish) to make an evening gown. Not only will it be cooler in the stifling heat of December, but it gives me the chance to make my very first crinoline evening gown. So far, I have the skirt attached to the waistband, the hem facing sewn on. Now I just need to press the hem in place and handstitch it down, and attache a few hooks to the waistband. It's my intention to keep the skirt simple and plain so that I can eventually make a day bodice to go with it. Hello versatility.

The next step of the project is to draw up the bodice pattern. I am going to keep it very simple. I have enough fabric to get it out of the tartan (phew!), and I bought some lovely purple fringing that my cousin spotted at spotlight on the weekend to use instead of a bertha. I also picked up some flowers to make a garland of sorts for my hair (note to self - buy ribbons to match). The only decision I really need to make is what to do at the waist. The bottom of the bodice is going to be cut straight across, a late 1850s style that I like, but I need to decide if I go for a contrast purple velvet belt, or a contrast purple silk bow. I have to admit I am leaning towards the bow, because I have a weird fixation on bows in my historical gowns. Everything would have bows, fringing, pompoms and tassels if I could get away with it. If I do go with the sash option, I will most likely fringe the ends as well.

But, back to it. I promise that there will be progress shots as I get further along on the project.

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