Friday, November 26, 2010

Georgian Strawberry Picnic

It was a cool and windy day, but nothing could stop us from frocking up and heading into the Brisbane City gardens for Kerry's 40th Birthday Picnic. She has been talking about it for ages, it was to be themed Georgian. And boy did we dress up. We had everything from regency ladies and gentlemen to Mid - late Georgian ladies. The theme was of course strawberries, so when I tell you there was an abundance of them, you will get the picture. The Birthday girl looked magnificent in her blue and cream gown, it really shows the hard work that she put in putting it together.

As it was a cool enough day, I wore my 1790s Green gown that I made for JAFA earlier this year. It can be a little hot wearing in the warmer months due to the slight polyester nature of the fabric (It was on sale and it looks correct) and the long sleeves, but it is my favourite Georgian and I was desperate to wear it again. My only change this time, was that I was wearing my newly styled hedgehog wig (tutorial will be up soon). It was a little massive, but I still liked the effect and I can definitely see me wearing it again.

But enough of the blathering, here's a selection of photos...

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