Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kaleidoscope Soiree

Last night I attended the Kaleidoscope Dancers end-of-year Soiree. As it was rather warm (putting it mildly) last night, very few of the attendees dressed up. But by now you should know that I never pass up the opportunity to dress up. Of course, this called for a new gown. To be specific, a regency evening gown. It also meant that I needed to get motivated and make my mum's first regency gown as well.

Mum's gown is made out of a cotton fabric and with a silk ribbon underbust tie. The gown is made from a Sense and Sensibility pattern, using the size supplement. We bought the fabric on sale at spotlight earlier this year, and it has just been sitting around waiting for an excuse to be made up. I did add an extra row of stitching above where the skirt is attached for a gathering ribbon. It helps to make the gown fit nicely and also gives me my lacing ribbon at the back. Now, I know that the eyelets are not period correct but because the fabric is so soft, I could not get my machine to do nice ones. And I was overly proud of Mums hair too - hello rag curls. So glad that she has started growing her hair out.

As for my gown, I decided on the design from a fashion plate I found somewhere. It is made of cotton, lace and purple georgette. I took me two patterns, some butchering and a bit of guess work, but I finally got the pattern sorted out, and I am very pleased with how it turned out. I especially love the gathering on the back and the train. The lace sleeves also help to make it cooler, but before I wear it the next time I really need to make a petticoat.

That makes one gown ready for the Jane Austen Festival.


  1. I love your purple and white evening gown! Very pretty!

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  3. Thank-you. I am so happy with how it turned out.