Sunday, December 27, 2009

And another Christmas passes

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas day. Ours was spent inside with the house locked up and the aircon blasting. As usual, we do Christmas lunch, this year I cooked a pear and cranberry stuffed turkey, veggies and salad. We had a fantastic morning, and I got some wonderful gifts. Spending money for my trip to Japan in February, a new jug to replace my broken one and the book "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" to name a few. But what I love most about Christmas is picking a fantastic gift for someone.

My brother and I gave my dad an Art Nouveau mirror which he loves and this year I made quite a few gifts, so I though that I would share photos now that they have been given. My friend Sarah got the Christmas faerie cross-stitches...

And the rest were for my mum. Firstly I finished her regency day outfit by completing her bonnet and spencer. I adore the colour of the silk that we chose and it matches really well with the dress. And lastly, I made her a new Victorian corset. Her first one was always slightly too big, so I took the pattern in a bit at the bust, waist and length and remade it for her. I even added some steel bones into it this time (my first ones). She tried it on for me this morning and I am very pleased with how it looks.


  1. Wow! Your mom is really lucky! The bonnet, spencer and corset are awesome! You are one good seamstress!

  2. Thank-you. I am slowly getting better with the more sewing that I do. And with me dragging my mum and dad along to historical events with me, they like to be properly attired. :D