Monday, September 15, 2008

Regency September Part 1

So far, so good. My dress is complete. The wretched hand stitching on the hem took a long time, but at least I am now finished. And best of all, it actually fits me. I am really happy with how it has turned out and am really looking forward to wearing it in couple weekends.
My dad's outfit is almost done. I only have some hand sewing and buttons on the pants, and as for the jacket, I need to fix up the collar (stupid seam did not catch), attach the tails and hand stitch that down and then do the buttons. With a bit of luck I should be able to get all this done on weeknights this week.

As for the rest of my outfit, my spencer is all but done, again, all it needs is the buttons put on. And I have even started work on my bonnet. Which I am also hoping to get done during this week. Thankfully that is all I really have to complete. I was hoping to get a reticule done, but it will not take long as it is just a rectangle piece with a drawstring.

After that, I am intending to get stuck into my other sewing. For example, the bits of fabric I have bought for Lolita and making a bit more of a head-start for the costumes that I will want to take up to Montville. I can tell now, that the end of October is going to be busy. Between Montville, Halloween and my outfit for Melbourne Cup, I am going to be busy. Who knows, I may decide to just wear my regency for Melbourne cup. At least it has a bonnet. : ) Hmmmmmm…

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