Sunday, September 7, 2008

Regency Undergarments Part 4

My corset is complete. And even better, it fits well. My dad even managed to sand all the numbers off the ruler that I am using as my busk. It probably helped that he used his electric one instead of good old hand power.

It's strange, after all the dramas and unpicking and frustration, I am really rather happy with it and I am glad that it gives me the right shape. Huge relief because it means that I can now move onto getting my dress put together. YAY!!!

Oh and I have had a thought about my first attempt that was too long. I was going to finish it and try and sell it on Ebay. Instead, I am thinking that I will cut it down to about waist height and use it as a set of short stays. they will still be laced up the back, but at least my hard work will not go to waste.

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