Monday, December 10, 2007

ACG Christmas Party

I had every intention of putting these photos up last night when I got home from skating. But I was exhausted. I ate dinner, showered and went to bed. There was just no energy left in me to put them up. But anyway, I am only 1 day late and here they are. The photos I have from out ACG Queensland Christmas Party. Skating. Which in itself was an interesting experience for some. We had 16 in total, and all of out members dressed up. My brother did consider coming dressed in his Spanish inquisition costume, but I didn’t give him enough notice. You would think that me bringing it up 2 weeks in advance he would remember that I was going out. But it wasn’t until 1.00 on Sunday afternoon after mum had mentioned that I was going skating that he decided he knew. So he didn’t come.

But we had fun anyway. With fabulous costumes on.

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