Friday, November 23, 2007

Angel of Death

Like I said before, I would put together an entry about my Christmas costume for our ACG event this year. We are going roller skating. Or blading as in my case. Though, I hate my blades because the wheels are too hard and do not grip on the floor very well. I really should have stuck with my old ones, but they hurt my feet and ankles because they were so bent out of shape from all my trips and falls when I was first learning. But moving on, I am looking forward to the evening. It should be pretty cool, especially in costume. I am going dressed as the Angel of Death.

Well, one take on it anyway. I am making my outfit to match the angel wings that I made for Christmas last year (I wore them to work). And basically they are a wire frame with torn strips of fabric woven over them. I was originally going to do feathers. Back in highschool I made feathered ones that I stitched feathers onto, but I leant them to someone and never got them back again. And so I thought to re-create them. Unfortunately I could not get white stockings as my base and the glue that I had intended to use was off and stunk. Which in turn wrecked all the feathers. So I went woven.

Which made me want to make the whole outfit to match. Mostly because you look like a real idiot dressed as an angel any other time of year. So really, this is the perfect opportunity. (There goes my planned Pirate costume on delay). I have made the underbust corset. In only a couple of hours which I am rather pleased about. I drafted the pattern from some instructions I found on a website. Unfortunately it was a bit too big in the back (the gap) so instead of re-making them I added a feature. I made an extra 2 inch boned panel that sits up the centre back. And then I have 3 rows of eyelets which the lacing goes into (red for a nice contrast). I used a cheap white homespun 2 layers and really stiff shapewell in the middle. And together with my nice stiff plastic boning (not the stupid spotlight stuff) it has enough stiffness to hold shape well. And I also added an open end zip up the centre front so that it will come off easy.

After it was put together and fitted to me. I went through and stitched horizontal strips of torn white fabric across. They go from the side back / back seam to about 1 cm away from the zip. The ends at the front hang loose and long so that they hang over the zip and look rough. I then went through and wove more fabric strips up then down so that all the ends hang at the bottom. It makes the corset almost fully covered with the weaving but it looks so cool.

Now I am going to make the base dress for underneath and the armour – this may work but it will be my first attempt. I may even try to get some laced up cuffs made to go with it all. And of course there will be a sword.


Okay, so my angel costume has changed a bit during the construction. I have decided not to make any armour. Mostly because I did not get around to making some and I’m not too sure how to go about creating it. But I still have my sword to carry around.

The wings look fabulous and so does the corset so at least part of my costume will be fantastic. I did make up the dress but am a bit dubious about wearing it while skating, also it kinda looks like a nightgown which was not my intention. So I have picked up some white shorts and a singlet top to wear over some red tights (just to carry the colour through). I may still decide to wear the dress but at least I have a couple of options now. Hey, I could always dig out my new Lolita petticoat with a plain white skirt over the top. Although skirts and skating really do not go together all that well. Well for me anyway.

I have made the harness for my wings too. Originally when I wore my wings I had them tied on with ribbon, which will definitely not stand up to skating. So I have made a harness out of bag strapping tape and some clips. I just need to attach the wings to it and I am all good. They will not fall about the place as I skate. (Hopefully).

If I get a chance on Saturday I am planning to maybe get some lace up gauntlets together (may even get some time this week after work). If not I may just rip some strips of fabric to wrap around my lower arm which could look cool. As for the hair, I was thinking that maybe I should wear my white wig but I have asked a couple of people and they all think I should just go with my own. Which I must admit will be a lot cooler. Even though it is aircon at the skating rink, I would rather not be too hot in my costume. I always seem to sweat really badly when I am getting ready. I must remember to put he aircon and a fan on when I am getting dressed at home. And then as soon as I get in the car I will be blasting the fan straight at my face.

As for the makeup, I am going to get a little creative. At this stage I am thinking of using a white base colour around my eye are probably with a bit of sparkle dust. Draw in my eyebrows so that they are extended. False lashes – if I can get them to attach. Elongated eyeliner and probably some painted on tears. I may add a little fake blood as well. And if I get time, I will add a fake tattoo somewhere.  

So, I made my brother take  photos of my costume. For my hair I did as I intended and went nuts with the hairspray and teasing. (the comb-out was painful and time consuming but I had the right look). I was happy with how my outfit looked. The dress I made was just really unsuitable with the underbust corset and looked really stupid. So I had my red tights with white shorts and a white singlet. I also wrapped a strip of white fabric around my wrist to carry the whole ripped fabric thing through. And my wings I was thrilled with. It took a bit of imagination to get the harness to work but the wings withheld roller blading so that is a big plus. I now know that those wings will stand up to any movement. Though, I did wipe a few people out.

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