Saturday, June 20, 2015

Remember Midway

Last weekend I attended a 1940s style fundraising dinner with a few of my re-enactment friends and my parents. Held at the Caboolture Warplane and Flight Heritage Museum just north of Brisbane, it was a night of swing music, good food, good times and of course airplanes. The event was in aid of the museum and remembering the battle of midway (quite an important part of World War 2 in the Pacific).

The evening was wonderful. The food was great especially considering the numbers that the event was catering for, and the swing music added a great touch of atmosphere. It was a little unfortunate that they used microphones as the event was held in an aircraft hanger, so the sound system echoed badly and meant that any speaking was really difficult to understand. It was lovely though that they managed to snag an Andrew Sisters Tribute group. And I was really impressed by the attendees, most put in an effort to dress up for the night. We, of course donned our 40s finery for the occasion. I chose to rewear my late 1930s grey ballgown for the evening - a great opportunity as it really doesn't get worn much. My hair and makeup was on point for the night and I swear the camera is popping the colours in my hair as the pink is not quite that fluro in real life. So, some photos to share...

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