Saturday, April 4, 2015

QAG The Founding Years

So, last weekend, a few ladies of the ACG and I went to the Queensland Art Gallery. An exhibition had been put together to celebrate 120 years of the gallery's life. It was made up of their earliest acquisitions, a couple of which I had fallen in love with on previous visits.
And, as the art pieces are owned by the gallery, photography is actually allowed, so I can share the pictures I took (on my phone mind you) of some of the pieces in the exhibition.

I absolutely adore this one titled Under the Jacaranda.

 And this one Monday Morning which shows a slice of life of the times.

And my favourite on display Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.  The detail is amazing - you can see each little apple.

 And some more with quite the number of Australian sceneries and many done my Australian artists...

Also included were the original photographs taken of the first acquisitions and details about the first exhibition.

 But, what many want to see, what did we wear? Well, since the exhibition covered 1895 - 1915, we chose outfits from within that period. Three ladies chose the earlier fashions, while another and myself chose to wear a more Edwardian style. I was just happy to be able to re-wear my 1910s outfit which doesn't get out much.

We rounded out our trip with a foray into the permanent exhibitions in the gallery. We didn't get through much, but I did take a couple more photos of the pieces that struck me. We will definitely have to make another trip in to look at all these alone. There are some really beautiful items on display.

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