Thursday, April 16, 2015

Princess Jasmine Photo Time

Earlier this month, I signed up for a Disney photoshoot with a group of fellow Brisbane Cosplay Ladies at City Hall in Brisbane City. I decided to wear wear my Princess Jasmine Betrothal Gown. And thanks to our photographer James Niland I have some amazing photos to share. 

As for the princesses, we all have Facebook pages:
Jasmine: -  Poisonedkitty
Tinkerbell - Nichameleon
Megara - The Winter Sirens
Snow White - ConfidentialPublicityCosplay
Anna - Australian Pond-Doctor Who Cosplayer
Alice - Twerkin Gherkin
Aurora - Diana Daring
Ariel - Minnie Alice
Cinderella - Stevie Cooper


  1. Super cute! I love all of the fabulous hair and gorgeous colors. Love them all!

    1. Thanks! It was so much fun to be involved in and I'm glad I got to get some good photos of my Jasmine.

  2. You looked amazing, I love that shade of purple on you! And that wig you made looks just so real...