Saturday, January 3, 2015

Starting the year in the 1960s

The costuming starts early around here. :)

Already this year, I have attended my very first dress-up event: a vintage afternoon tea for the birthday of my cousin trinnyt. She invited a number of family and friends into her home for an afternoon of edible delicacies, tea and good company.

Each place was set with a teacup set and small plate. The tables were set with milk, sugar, cream and decorated with roses. I think the hi-light of the day was the champagne cake with a champagne italian meringue frosting, which due to my corn intolerance was unable to try. *sad panda* however there were plenty of other delicious choices available. My favourite of the day was sitting down to a cup of apple crumble tea. I have to admit I do love blended teas and have quite the collection myself.

For the occasion I decided to dress in my only original vintage dress (which I unfortunately didn't get a full photo of). It's a pastel pink 1960s georgette piece with full permanent pleating. I love it, and I even more the fact that I was able to find an original piece that actually fits me. A miracle in and of itself, surely. So, to match it up, I styled my hair in a beehive. And funnily enough, my good friend Miss Diana Daring had also 60'd it up for the day. She walked in the door, and we both just looked at each other and giggled. Great minds think alike!