Thursday, December 4, 2014

Brisnova 2014

The remainder of my November was spent preparing two new costumes for Brisbane Supanova. Normally I limit myself to one new costume per convention, however, I was invited to be part of a group on Saturday and I just could not pass up the opportunity. It was a long weekend for me as I was helping out my friend with her stall in artist's alley (selling her geeky fashions). Friday, we were up early and on our way in to set up the stall. It was a warm and humid morning so we had quite the sweaty task setting up. Once we were done though, it was time to change into my costume for the evening. Unfortunately I had problems with my Princess Jasmine dress and couldn't wear her. But I popped on the wig that I had spent hours brushing out and styling the day before and all the jewellery for the evening. It was a strange experience for me to not be in full costume.

I was up early again on Saturday for a 9.30am opening but this time in a full new costume - Pinup Disney Elsa. This was my group costume. It was a shame that so many of the girls who were to participate in our group pulled out, but I think it turned out great in the end. And even though some of the other princesses would have been my first choice, I do love how my Elsa turned out. And yes, I did turn her into an ice cream shop attendant.

I crashed Saturday night but was up bright and early on Sunday to dress in my next new costume - Miku (a Santa version). This one drove me around the bend in the making with all the velveteen and fur sewing, but I love the results.

Oooh and a video of my Miku:

I didn't take a whole heap of photos of the other cosplays around as there were many amazing photographers to do that, but here are some the I did get, including some group shots of myself with a bunch of amazing cosplay ladies from Brisbane.

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  1. I love all your costumes! But I am especially partial to the Miku santa version. That is so cute and looks amazing on you! You rocked all the costumes. :)

    1. Thanks. I am so pleased with how Miku came out. It was worth wrangling all the fur into submission. :P

  2. Such a talented lady! Looks like a lot of fun!