Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Ancient Evening

Well, it has been far too long since I last posted, however I have been inordinately busy between the final weeks of University and preparing for the final costuming events of the year. The first of which, the christmas party for my re-enactment group.
This year, we decided to hold a WDR (Wine, Dine, Recline) dressed in Ancients garb. One of the most perfect styles for the end of the year as the temperature in Brisbane rises. This year, it has been especially bad, so we did end our evening with a soak in the pool to cool off. It was a lovely evening where we all got to relax, chat and eat some delicious period food. Of which, I will be sharing the recipes that I used. However, as the event this year was held on the Birthday of one of our ladies, I decided to surprise her with a cake - a beautiful chocolate one that I dressed up as a roman bath decorated with columns, marbled sugarpaste tiles, lego romans, and a jelly bath. Aside from looking great it was a delicious end to our supper.

As for my costume, this year, I decided to do it up Roman. I picked up some beautiful silk cotton at my local fabric store that I knew would be perfect to turn into a gap sleeve gown. It is a simple as tying knots up the arms to create a sleeve. Due to the sheerness of the gown, I did make a white cotton voile tunic tied over one shoulder to wear underneath. It is all then secured with a tie at my waist. I did feel rather bulky in it all, but am assured that it looked lovely. Of course I forgot to get any full shots of my outfit, so this will have to do. It is not a style that I would try using a heavy fabric. To top the ensemble off, I styled a wig based on original roman busts. I used a lot of plaits and braids to get a roped together look.

Stay tuned for my experiments in roman cooking...

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