Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sydnova 2014

Last weekend, I spent an exhausting couple of days racing around at Sydney Supanova. I had my weekend all planned out and my flights were booked on boxing day sales. That is, until I found out that my only university exam would be on the Friday evening at 5.30pm. Which then meant that I could not attend Supanova until Saturday after a very early flight.

Thankfully the exam went well and I was ready to look forward to a stress-free weekend. I slugged out of bed at 4.30am to make my 6am flight from Brisbane to Sydney. It was packed. It was 8am by the time I got off the plane and picked up my luggage before heading to my friends place to get ready and head on out.

It was the day that I debuted my new costume. Princess Jasmine. I have always wanted to dress up as Princess Jasmine. Aladdin is a movie that came out when I was eight, so I saw it in the cinema, learnt all the songs and have grown up loving it. I just don't suit making the traditional green pants and bodice Princess Jasmine outfit. So instead I chose to make her betrothal gown from the movie. I made a full corset for underneath to support give me a nipped in waist and full hips like Jasmine. The gown is made from silk flat lined in cotton voile while the light purple elements are made from a horrible crisp sheer fabric. I topped it all off with foam and scuply made accessories. The wig was by far the most challenging piece to finish.

But I love how it turned out. And I even managed to get my photo taken with a Jafar who was there as well.

After a full exhausting day, I crashed, thankfully sleeping really well so that I was ready to don my Margaery Tyrell gown for Game Of Thrones day. We were meeting with a group of other GOT cosplayers for a photoshoot. We had planned for the 4pm photo session with Jamie Lanister himself, however he apparently was called back to set for filming and we missed our chance. At least we found out before time and were able to get a refund on our photo sessions.

And here are the shots that I did get of the various GOT cosplayers around the event. Sam impressed me the most as the cosplayer really looked like the actor. But so many were so well done as well.

Due to an unfortunate train / passenger beverage spillage incident, the dress is now all stained on the bottom. I'm not sure that I will get to wear it again, but at least I have had a blast being Margaery Tyrell. Maybe, I will look at doing one of her other gowns next....


  1. it was a great weekend, and some great costumers. I thought the Daario looked like the S3 actor (who's going to be in the next Transporter movie so didn't sign for S4)