Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Regency Outerwear

After keeping pretty quiet on here for a while, expect some posting. The last few months of my University semester have hit me pretty heavy with the workload (lots of assignments), but once I had them handed in I was ready to get cracking on some sewing. First up was to prepare for History Alive last weekend. I didn't think that I had time to make a whole new regency dress, so instead I decided for some accessories. Turns out that a dress probably would have taken the same amount of time once you take into account all the hand sewing that I have to do to make it re-enactment suitable (no visible machine sewing).

First up, was a new open robe to go with my existing white gown. I've had the fabric sitting in my cupboard for quite a while and thought what better opportunity than to get cracking on it for an event. I knew that I would be able to use my white gown underneath, so I was happy that the blue fabric had white and blue shaded flowers printed on it. As for the design, I chose a museum piece that I liked and wanted to try my hand at replicating.

I dug out my previous open robe pattern and started hacking at it. The main features of the open robe are all in the back - pleated side panels, pleated and gather skirts and buttons and cording decorations. I didn't have any shots of the front of the open robe, so I had to make that up. I decided to go with simply using more covered buttons and some hand sewn button holes to close the gown.

I'm rather pleased with how it turned out and now it turns out that I need to re-make my white gown. Some cinder from a steam roller burned a couple of holes in the fabric as well as just general wear and tear have left it in need of replacement. The biggest decision will be whether I just remake the same design or create something new. I don't normally re-make my historical stuff, but I do love the design of the gown.

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