Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Croquet?

Christmas Party number two. On the weekend, I organised the 2013 Christmas Party for the Queensland branch of the ACG. Planned, an open theme croquet picnic. One of our members was wonderful enough to bring along her croquet set for us to play a round. Unfortunately though, we were a little bit too hot an lazy to bother. I guess that is one of the unfortunate side effects of an Aussie Christmas Party – Summer Heat.

We arrived at New Farm Park on the Brisbane River for an afternoon picnic. Everyone brought along a small item of food to share and we were all dressed for the occasion. Vintage 1950s, 1960s and 1920s, Medieval and Minoan. There was only a small number of us in attendance, however we spent the afternoon chatting and relaxing under the shade of a tree with the breeze flowing off the river. The ice cream truck made a pass by for our snack pleasure, and a few of us chased it down for a hit.
It was a pretty relaxing and easy going event, but all said and done, I had a lovely time.

It was a hard choice picking from my plethora of costume options for what I was going to wear. I eliminated anything too hot to wear first and then went through my options. In the end I came down to choosing from three. A quick chat to my lovely cousin, and I had made the decision to wear my Minoan ensemble. While the outfit covers a lot of skin, it is made entirely of linen and cotton, so that the fabric breathe nicely when worn. It makes for a cooler ensemble. I decided to top it off my combining my reproduction bee pendant with the beaded necklace I bought on my recent trip to the museum. I really like the combination, and have decided to keep it as a pretty permanent one.

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