Thursday, December 26, 2013


Another project non-costume related that I have been working on, is for my teddy bear. Earlier this year, I hosted a teddy-bears picnic and when I pulled out my bear, I discovered that her little rompers were falling apart. To be fair, I got Honey Bear when I was 3 months old and the rompers were mine before they were hers. At any rate, the elastic had perished and so had some of the stitches. I stripped my bear down (who looks incredibly odd naked), and got to pulling apart the rompers for a pattern.

What I discovered is that my Nanna (who made them) was a really lazy and crappy sewer. But here I was, ready to try my hand at them. I cut them up and lay flat each piece of the rompers on some pattern paper and traced around them, adding in my seam allowance. I also took the opportunity to make some adjustments to the pattern so that they would be a more custom fit for my bear.

The next step was fabric. I dug through my pile of left-over cottons and cut them. I had decided to make a couple of pairs so that I could change them up if I felt like it. My three fabrics are a black background floral, a black background with sweets, and a blue floral comic book heroes. The went together pretty quickly, and I managed to use a bit of left-over lace trims to decorate the bib section on each of them. I added in elastic at the legs and waist and positioned the straps so that they would cross over a the back. I finished them off with some buttons and gave them a quick press.

And, here is the finished product.

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