Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tea at Home

On Monday this week, we were blessed with a Public Holiday (the new government moved one from May to October). One of my girlfriends took the opportunity to host a retro afternoon tea at her home. We all dressed up in our retro finery and headed over. The weather had been stifling most of the day, but thankfully cooled off for us to sit down to some tea for the afternoon.
There was a lovely selection of food available (I was quite partial to the meatballs) along with tea, bubbly, punch and fruit cordial. The afternoon turned into a traditional ladies tea. We all sat around talking and gossiping, drinking tea and munching on the goodies. It was relaxing and lovely to be able to catch up with friends in an intimate surround, especially after I missed two events because of my trip to Toowoomba.
And as is the case in most of our retro outings, the camera’s came out. I had accidentally left mine turned on and the battery was shot. Only realising this 2 minutes before I was to leave, my Dad handed over his for me to take. It was nice to be able to play with his camera (about 4 years and 6 models newer than my own) and I tried my best to give him back mine instead.
With my hair deciding to frizz after the pin curls for the wedding, I ummed and ahhed over what to wear. I finally settled on a hat that would cover most of my hair, one that I had been given by Ainead. Thankfully, I had the perfect dress to match with it – one that I had made to wear to see Grease – a pink 1960s wiggle dress. I finished the ensemble with my black elastic belt, black ballet flats and some awesome retro styled sunnies.

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