Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some Like It Hot

It was quite a change, but lovely none-the-less to have a weekend almost all off from costuming. I’ve been feeling a little burnt out lately and needed to recharge my batteries, so the last couple of weekends, I have stayed home. It’s been great for productivity and I am making some good progress on my costumes for Supanova coming up in early November.

But more about that later. I decided a Saturday evening out would not be too much work, and organised a trip with a couple of friends to Cineretro. They are a film society who screen original reels of film on a monthly basis. This one was their 10th anniversary and they were showing the Marilyn Monroe film Some Like It Hot.
If you haven’t seen it before, I highly recommend it. The movie was considered quite racy for its time. The main reason is that it involves full male cross-dressing. But what do you expect when it was filmed in the 1950s. The movie was originally supposed to be filmed in colour, but the thick makeup that the men needed to wear to become women turned their skin greenish, so they turned to black and white. At any rate it’s a great movie, just don’t look at it for any sort of historical accuracy in terms of costumes. It is supposed to be set in the 1920s but everything from zips to figure hugging fashion is present. I tell you know, just look past it and enjoy the film for what it is – a bit of fun.
The event is held at the Old Brisbane Museum on Gregory Terrace. I have always driven past but never been inside. The site was originally built in the 1890s as part of the Royal Show Grounds and was used as a museum, to host social balls and events and theatre productions. It would have been wonderful to be there in its heyday, but right now, the building is maintained to a wonderful standard. It has been well restored but made suitable for modern use. One entry and turret was covered in scaffold at the time of our visit, and we were told to keep out of the zone as there is a danger that the turret might fall. But, I have to say it is a lovely building and I am glad this is still has many uses. I’m just hanging out now to attend an event during the daytime.
Inside the area, a small section up one end was curtained off for our use. Provided was tables of about eight in cabaret style seating. We were greeted upon entry with a glass of champagne and found our seats to sit down to our picnic dinner. We had all brought along a little something to snack on – I tried a new biscotti recipe (chocolate and pistachio). It was lovely to be greeted and chat with the man who started running the events over ten years ago. The evening kicked off with the drawing of the raffle and followed with the film.

While the website for the event says that you do not need to book a seat at the event, I highly recommend it. Every table was full and I would hate to turn up and there not be enough space for a seat.

We decided for the occasion to get in the mood and dress up in our 1950s frocks. I chose to wear my pink and white hibiscus print dress. I went with a light petticoat underneath as I knew we would be sitting for a while. It’s funny how much I have been wearing pink of late – now that my hair is mostly pink. I wonder what will happen when I change the colour?!

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