Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Vampires Come Out To Play

On Saturday last weekend, I attended my second Ball for the year. This one was The Bloodlust Ball (a vampire / goth theme ball). Back in the day, my cousin attended these balls when she was into the Brisbane goth scene, and she has been reminiscing over the Bloodlust balls since they were re-incarnated a few years ago. Unfortunately for her, they have always been on the same weekend that we were attending the ACG Ball in Adelaide. But not this year. We got our tickets early, and unfortunately afterwards, the date for the annual regency ball was released to be the same evening (so we missed out on that this year).
However, we did get to vamp it up for an evening. The ball itself was held at the Tivoli in Fortitude Valley. The venue was originally built in 1915 as a theatre for both films and live performances. It has since been restored into a venue to host events and live performance. The restoration, turned the Tivoli into a beautiful art deco inspired venue. Perfect for the Bloodlust Ball (and the upcoming Gangsters Ball, for that matter).

There were fewer attendees than the Gangsters Ball (which I have attended in years past) however there was much more seating available. It was a lovely evening out, there were two performances of belly dance – the first with four ladies performing a routine, the second with a single lady dressed in a Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) inspired ensemble. They were amazing, and I stood there awed by their talent, and desperate to try my hand at belly dance again. I tried to get a few photos, but the lighting was not so brilliant.

There was also an amazing spread of food available for attendees, being delivered around by wait-staff throughout the evening. And in terms of other entertainment, live band music and DJs. Unfortunately the music was turned up too loud for my comfort and it was very off-putting, making any form of talking impossible inside the venue.
As for my outfit. I pulled out the Steampunk Geisha ensemble that I made late last year. It was such a relief to attend another event where I wasn’t stressing to put together a complete new outfit. This time though, I managed to get some good photos of it all, including shots of the back. I did have to style a wig for the outfit though as my own hair is now too short. So, I pulled out an old split Lolita wig that I don’t really wear much and gave it a new breath of life with a geisha inspired hairstyle. I teemed it up with the geisha hair decoration that I brought back from Japan and a modern take on Geisha Makeup. Overall, I was very pleased with the look.


  1. 2nd ball for the MONTH, third ball for the year.. :D

  2. Thank you so much for the positive review. We're really glad you liked your evening with us. And thanks so much for your thoughts on the music and it's volume. We're going to take this into consideration for next years BloodLust Ball. Please feel free to drop by or website

    1. And thank-you for hosting. It was a great event.