Saturday, September 21, 2013

Races at Deagon

I seem to have a rather large amount of trouble writing up my event posts in a timely fashion. I guess I am just too popped back at work on Monday to have the energy after a weekend costuming event. Last weekend, in particular was a doozy. On Sunday, the Deagon Racecourse held its first public open day since the 1940s. It was a family picnic race-day, and the Australian Costumers Guild were invited along to provide ambiance in Victorian and Edwardian fashions.
I dressed up myself and my parents and we made our way over to be there at 9.30am. By then, the weather had already decided to warm up. I was thankful to be dressed in natural fibres, but a cooler day would have been nice. The event itself seemed to be a success. There was a number of food and booze sellers about, as well as stage with constant entertainment as well as the races themselves. The event had actually sold out of tickets within 24 hours, which has to say something.

I didn’t get a whole lot of photos for the day, as I was just too busy enjoying myself to worry about taking loads of photos. That and the temperature kept us sedated and in the shade where possible. Despite the layer of sunscreen slathered over my exposed skin, I just didn’t want to get burnt. Towards the end of the day, we provided a women’s fashion parade of our costumes. There were only seven of us in it, but it seemed to go well, and they took a good number of photos.
For the occasion, I pulled out my tartan bustle. The thinking being that the 1870s style with its square neck and elbow sleeves would be cooler. It helps too that the dress is a little larger than some of my others meaning I don’t need to lace as tight, and it is made of cotton/linen and silk, so breathes well. I had a great time, but by the time I got home, could not wait to peel off the layers and jump in for a cold shower.


  1. I love that dress of yours, plaid linen! you look great as usual!

    1. I love it too. I'm really glad that I still have a heap of the linen left over for a second outfit. I'm planning to make some inroads on it next year.