Monday, May 28, 2012

Modern Woman

How can a costumer resist when an exhibition comes to town displaying works from 1850-1910? The girls in Brisbane certainly can't. We were lucky enough to find a mutual date for all of us to attend the Modern Woman Exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) in May. The exhibition displayed a selection of works from male and female artists throughout history. There were some truly amazing pieces on display and we all gazed in awe at the detail achieved with pastels - there may be some art lessons in our future. One truly unique piece on display featured a musical evening scene that was painted to be made into a fan. On our way to the gallery shop, we were sidetracked by many other pieces of historical art on display - these ones owned by the QAG, so were able to photographed. Three hours later, we sat down to lunch. While there, we decided that these sort of outings need to by much more frequent - it was a lovely and relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning.
I decided that I wanted to wear my gold and orange bustle ensemble again, but was a little loathe to have it exactly the same as last time. So, I paired it with my first gold skirt with the massive train and I styled my wig a little differently than last time. I think it worked successfully, and it made me feel like I was wearing a different outfit. I am now considering making a different hat that would go with it all so that I can mix and match just that little more. And of course, I am planning to turn it all into an evening ensemble with a new bodice for the heritage ball later this year. It really is a good thing that I was able to get more of that gold fabric...

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