Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vintage Pool Party

Phew. Have been incredibly busy of late. With the onset of December comes an abundance of Christmas parties. My first one was held a few weeks ago, with my re-enactment group RIFF. As the weather takes a turn for the warm, we decided to have a pool party. And of course, it was a historical pool party. Most of us chose to do vintage. I apologise for the lack of photos, it seems that I was too busy having a great time to actually take many.
For my swimsuit, (no photos worn), I decided to make a 1950s style one. It is made out of quilting cotton that was leftover from one of my vintage dresses. I took quite a bit to get the pattern for my swimsuit fitting me (about 4 redrafts and mock ups in total). But I was sizing up from a 32 inch bust to my 38inch bust. And of course the hips and waist as well. It's actually a very flattering pattern with the gathering running down the front. And the orange trim is a bias so that it allows for movement and a little more flexibility around the legs. It does up down the back with a zip. Unfortunately my vintage reproduction swim cap didn't arrive in time for me to wear it, but I now have them, so I think that another vintage pool party may be in order to make use of my caps. And I will aim to get at least one photo of myself in there. :P

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