Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well, my great Egyptian plans fell through. I was getting set to go on everything and I got sick. Again! I ended up spending the day in bed instead of work and was in no condition to go out at night in the cold wet with a head cold. I fully intend to wear my wig and costume at some point in the future, though after trying my wig on a couple of times, I realise that it needs a few adjustments. Namely it is too full at the crown of the head. Instead it needs to be flatter over the top with the bulk at the sides. But this is just a matter of brushing out the current style and having another go at the styling.

Thankfully though, I am mostly better now with only a slight cough left. And just in time to. This weekend sees me heading down to Adelaide for the Australian Costumers Guild ball. When it came down to costume decision, I chose to go with my White Queen. I put a lot of effort into it when I made it earlier this year and I don't really get to wear it much as it is a character costume instead of a historical one. The only change I have made is to purchase a new wig to go with the ensemble. It has been a huge relief not making something new to wear for the ball (no stress!) but I have put my time to good use, making vintage dresses. It's my intention to wear vintage the entire time I am in Adelaide. We are planning to go to a Vintage Fashion Fair on the Sunday, so I have whipped up a new 1920s dress for that (with matching hat). I've also pulled together a new 1930s dress and a 1950s dress. I am very excited about the weekend and am so looking forward to it all.

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