Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday 25th

Stupid that I am, it really hasn't hit me until just how much sewing I am taking on in the upcoming months. All of it for July; there will be 8 outfits in total. Thankfully one of them will only require a new jacket, but still, I am really starting to dread the limited amount of time that I have to get everything done in. So, I have decided that I really need to start getting focused. No more vintage or lolita sewing until I have all my projects completed.

To be fair I have actually made a start on all of them, some more than others. And I think the best way for me to get my head around everything is to just start at the ones that I need done first and go from there. Which translates to Newstead House on the 11th. I need three outfits completed and this what I have left to do..

Mum's 1850s day gown:
Garibaldi blouse - sew sleeves to blouse, add buttons and button holes (mum will cover the buttons for me)
Skirt - need to add trim (I am loosing the detail I added in the skirt and I need to add 'ribbon' to make it stand out)
Bonnet - it is all cut out and I have done some of the machine sewing, I just need to start wiring and gluing it together
Reticule - cut out but this is really quick to make up
Bum pad - I still need to draw up a pattern, I just keep forgetting.

Dad's 1850s day suit:
Vest - hand sewing on inside and buttons and buttonholes
Pants and Jacket - I need to cut out the pattern so that I can cut the fabric (at least I have all the fabric now)
Cravat - I need to cut this out (thankfully it is just a long strip of cotton)

My 1840s maid gown:
Dress - hand sewing on bodice, sew skirt in at waistband, hem, sleeves and add eyelets down the back
Apron - lots of hand sewing hems
Cap - need to find my pattern and cut this out

So really when you look at these three, there is not that much the needs to be done. And I am slowly making progress. At least the hand sewing is semi-relaxing to do and I can watch TV while I do it. Mum's outfit is by far the furtherest along and I think she is really looking forward to me getting it done. But then again, because my maid gown is so simple and has zero trims on it, it has been rather quick to go together. And I promise that as I get the bits and pieces done, I will strive to post photos of my hard work. It helps me as a sense of accomplishment.

That being sent, I got so caught up in my current book tonight that I have done nothing more than waste time. Though I am considering taking Wednesday off on flex, my boss will be away for a few days and it kinda works out for timing. Hmmmm, bears consideration.

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