Sunday, May 31, 2009

1840s maid gown

And the progress has begun. My maid dress is almost finished. I have been focusing most on getting it done so that I can make a start on my next outfit. My mum is busily covering buttons so that I can finish her blouse, and in the meantime I have been hand sewing. Why does it always seem as though there is a never ending supply of hand sewing that needs to be done. But I do have photos of what my dress looks like over the top of my petticoats.

I am rather pleased with the shape of it, and all that I have left to do is put the eyelets and lacing in up the back of the dress. I haven't finished the apron yet, but all I need to do is sew it to the waist ties, and then I have to make my cap. So really there is not that much left to do and I should be able to get it done this week. As you can see, I tried to go very simple with my design. It has the 1840s shape sleeves with the poofing below the elbow and the gathering above, and it is very simple other than that. As for fabric shouce, all my research suggests that the lady of the house just gave the maids a bolt of fabric (obviously cotton and cheap) and they made up their own clothing. I think picking the fabric was about the hardest decision I had to make in regards to this dress. But I am really glad that I am getting it done so early. And now I can go back to the sewing and hopefuly get more done this weekend...

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